Diaphragm & Cervical Caps

Okay, these are like hats for your cervix. They are inserted into the vagina, and they can help block sperm from going into the baby making area. You have to see a nurse practitioner or doctor in order to have one “fitted” for you. (Not every cervix is exactly the same… your cervix is as unique as you are!) Even when used correctly every time, these are not as effective as some other methods (diaphragm is 84-94% effective, cap is 71-86% effective.

Super important detail: You can put this kind of birth control in many hours before you plan on sexy stuff, but you need to leave it in after intercourse for a number of hours. Before you place it inside, you need to add some spermicidal jelly or foam. Diaphragms and cervical caps alone do not protect against sexy germs (STIs).

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