Condoms for Penises

Condoms can be the most popular choice for birth control. They come in different colors, flavors, and textures. Some even have spermicide in them. You can get them for free at most health centers and nursing stations, and some high schools. You can also buy them at a lot of grocery stores and pharmacies. If used right, they can be up to 99% effective. Even if the girl is on birth control, it’s still super important to use a condom since only the condom will help protect against sexy germs, or STI’s (sexually transmitted infections).

Super important detail: You need to use it properly in order for it to work right! It needs to be a real condom (yeah, there are fake ones so look for a guarantee), it can’t be past the expiry date, and the package needs to be in good condition (no holes, sticky stuff on the outside, and not stored in the back pocket of your jeans or your wallet). Check out the links below for the full deets on what you need to know.

How to put on a condom:

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