Yeah, let’s talk about it

Yeah, let's talk about it

Here’s the real deal; if you have sex, you could possibly become pregnant (or help your partner become pregnant). Lots of people think, “nah, that won’t happen to me, I’ll be careful” but without proper planning you could become a parent before you want to. (Super important note: even with birth control there is still a chance to become preggo, so don’t think you have a 100% guarantee for a baby free life).

No one can tell you if sex is right for you or not. Parents, teachers, elders, and your friends may have their opinions (and you can bet what your parents would say!) but it all comes down to you. You are the boss of your own body, and you make the decisions. That also means you have to deal with the consequences of your actions. (“With great power comes great responsibility”… can you guess what comic book that totally true quote is from?) You have power, and you should use it carefully.

If you are thinking about trying sex stuff or even the whole intercourse thing, you need to get the facts first. The real facts… not what you’ve heard around, or what someone is telling you when they are trying to get in your pants. When you are thinking about doing it, you need to think about:

  • If you want a baby; if you don’t want to be a parent right now, how to prevent the preggers
  • Protecting your body from sexy germs that can give you an infection (STI)
  • How you are going to bring all this up with your partner before getting it on
  • How you are going to feel about yourself when it’s all over

Before we talk about sex stuff, we gotta cover a really important base…