I didn’t agree to this

I didn’t agree to this

Some people end up in sexual situations that they did not agree to. It can happen to girls and guys, when they are really little, a teenager, or an adult. No one should touch another human being unless the person being touched says yes (while they have a clear mind). Sexual abuse, assault, and harassment are awful things, but you have got to remember that the person who was abused is not a bad person. That person is not to blame, but sometimes people feel ashamed of what has happened to them.

Other people may end up in situations where they say yes to sex stuff, but only because they have no money, food, or a place to sleep. Some people agree and say yes, because they feel they have no other options, and they really need somewhere to stay and are hungry. This doesn’t make the person who is agreeing to the sex a bad person, but the person paying for the sex is taking advantage of a crappy situation. This is called sexual exploitation.

Sadly, many people have experienced abuse, harassment, and exploitation. It can be so hard to talk about, but if you bottle it all up inside, your body and spirit may hurt for years. Please, if you have had someone touch you in any way that was not okay, tell someone you trust. Maybe a teacher, someone at the nursing station, band office, a mental health worker, even RCMP – you decide who you trust and want to talk to.

These might be hard to watch. Here’s a video on sexual harassment and abuse:

Child molestation from the Assembly of First Nations: