What does it all mean?

Here’s the thing; sex means different things to different people. When people talk about sex, they could be taking about penis and vagina sex, penis and anus sex, oral sex on the penis or vagina, or sex using fingers. The sex may be between a guy and a girl, but it may be shared between two guys, or just two girls. Sometimes there are more than just 2 people involved in sex.

Aside from what “kinds” of sex there are, sex can have different “meanings” for people. Some people feel sex is something to be shared with the person they are truly in love with, and want to be with for the rest of their life. Some people wait until marriage to have sex for this reason. For some people, sex means having fun with no emotions attached. Other people feel having sex means that the other person loves them. You need to figure out what sex means to you, and if you are going to try sex stuff with another person you may want to talk to them to find out what sex means to them.

It’s normal not to know every single little thing about sex. For more detailed info about the different kinds of sex, check out these links to Planned Parenthood:

Oral Sex:

Vaginal Sex:

Anal Play:

Sex with yourself – Masturbation:

Speaking of masturbation, this is a normal thing that most people do in their lives! There is nothing wrong with touching yourself, and finding out what makes you feel good. Masturbation is super normal!