It’s nice to feel like you belong, to have friends, and know that someone has your back. Gangs get people to join because they promise stuff like respect, a bond that nothing can break, money, drugs, sex, cars, etc. Nothing in life is free, and sometimes being in a gang can cost you your freedom, your family, or even your life.

Gangs are involved in crime, like stealing, drug dealing, prostitution, and hurting people. You may be forced to do stuff you don’t want to do, and may have to live by strict rules. It may seem cool, but gangs are dangerous.

If one of your friends is in a gang, offer to hang out with them outside of their gang activities, and tell them you are worried about their safety. Encourage them to talk to someone about getting out of the gang, like a youth office with RCMP. Don’t put yourself in danger by joining the gang.

Think you know the truth from the hype? Check out this link about the facts and myths of gangs:

Quick facts about gangs from the RCMP: