Bullying is a big problem. No one should feel scared to go to school, walk home, or sign into their email. The sad thing is that a lot of teens are bullied, and they feel really bad about it. Bullying is never okay, and it’s not okay to simply laugh along if someone else is being bullied.

The people who work at Kid’s Help Phone have a solid web site about the kinds of bullying, with personal stories from youth that experience bullying. Check it out:


Here is another link about bullying, which explains it really well:


What can you do if you are being bullied?

  • Walk away, get to a safe place
  • Even if you are mad, try not to lose your cool, or start fighting
  • Stick with friends who help you feel safe
  • Tell a parent, teacher, principal… you probably need help to stop the bully
  • Remember that you did nothing wrong, you have every right to a safe life

Another type of bullying has started since the internet came about. Sites like Facebook and MySpace can be fun, but some people use it as another method to be mean to people. Calling someone names online or sending them threatening messages is called cyber bulling. For more info check out this link: