An unhealthy relationship could possibly turn into abuse. Abuse could be by a friend, a boyfriend/girlfriend, parent, other family member, coach, or another adult. There are different kinds of abuse: verbal, physical, sexual, and financial.

Verbal Abuse: this type of abuse affects a person’s mental and emotional health. Examples are calling someone down, telling them they can’t see anyone else, making threats, yelling and screaming at them, repeatedly telling a person they are worthless.

Physical Abuse: is when a person hits, kicks, punches, pushes, throws, burns, or pinches another person.

Sexual Abuse: when someone touches you when you didn’t want them to. This could include a person showing their genitals to you, showing or taking nude photos, asking you to show your body, or asking you to so sex stuff with them or another person. (Link to section on sexual abuse & exploitation).

Financial Abuse: when someone takes your money, stops you from working so you don’t have money, stealing, or making you feel guilty so you will buy them stuff.

All forms of abuse can be awful to go through, and can possibly make a person feel sad, mad, helpless, depressed, angry, or hopeless. All forms of abuse are wrong; no one has the right to treat you that way.

It can be hard to talk about, but you need to tell someone you trust about what is happening. Maybe you trust a teacher, family member, band member, nurse or doctor, someone at your church, RCMP, or a friend. People can help you, and none of the abuse is your fault.

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