Screen Time

Back when your parents were your age, there were no iPods, laptops, or smart phones. Very few people had a computer, the internet wasn’t even close to what it is now, and if they wanted to play video games it was an Atari or nothing. These days, people of all ages are sitting in front of screens for a good part of the day. All that sitting isn’t super healthy, especially if you add in lots of extra junk food while you’re watching TV.

What can you do to make screen time more healthy? If you are watching TV or a movie, you can do some stretches, yoga poses, or lift weights while you watch. (Be careful if you’re using weights; ask for help on how to lift properly). You can reduce the amount of time on the internet or playing x-box, by going outside instead and enjoying nature. You can be a good role model for brothers and sisters by playing with them, and organizing a game of tag outside. Facebook can be fun, but actual face time with the people you enjoy is way better.