How drunk someone gets is based on a lot of factors like their tolerance (the more often you drink, the higher your tolerance becomes), weight, gender, how much they have had to eat, how much sleep they have had, and if they have taken any other substances.

Getting drunk makes people do things they wouldn’t normally do. Things like having sex, talking to someone they have a crush on, talking to strangers, or other high-risk activities such as experimenting with drugs, having unprotected sex, getting non-professional tattoos and piercings, or getting in vehicles with drunk drivers, and other stuff that the person normally wouldn’t do if they weren’t drunk.

Alcohol poising can happen. It happens when someone drinks more than their body can deal with. If they drink too much they might throw up, their breathing may get really light, get clammy skin, or they can pass out and maybe even slip into a coma.

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If you live in a First Nations Community, you can ask the nursing station or the band office about the National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program (NNADAP). The worker for this program can give you lots of info, including treatment options if that’s right for you.