How far would you go to get noticed?

I stumbled across this questionnaire online at about negative and positive attention and it made me think (scary hey). What kind of attention does my Facebook/twitter/instagram draw?

Online social networking is reality, it’s not going anywhere and it has created a whole new way of “marketing” ourselves, our likes, dislikes, interests, relationship status, religion, you name it, you can probably find it on Facebook.

We all like attention, in some way, and some more than others. But not all attention is positive. Be smart, use that brain in your head and ask yourself why am I receiving attention? Did I post a risky picture of myself in my bra? or was my status update making fun of someone? Just FYI, it is illegal to send out naked picture of yourself, and cyber bullying is punishable. By posting embarrassing pictures of your friends, make you look bad, not them. Would you want them to post an embarrassing picture of you? Respecting yourself also means respecting others.

The internet is not private. Parents, teachers, coaches, and even potential employers can see what you do. So think before you post. And remember that golden rule we all learned in Kindergarten, treat others how you want to be treated, it still holds true.

Respect yourself. Protect Yourself.