The age of Photo Shop

There is no denying that we are defiantly in the age of technology. Our cell phones are rarely more than an arm’s length away 24 hours a day. Cell phones are no longer just phones. Technology allows us to access anything or anyone at the touch of an “app”, text, or email away, within seconds. Let’s admit, if someone take longer than 10 minutes to reply, we find ourselves getting impatient. Technology has open doors to information instantly, created the explosion of social networking like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All of this technology has also created a ton of new issues for everyone to face.

How many times have you untagged yourself or demanded that photo’s be removed because you don’t like the way you look? Now, this magical technological program that allows almost anyone who can afford the $1000.00 program to be able to make them skinnier, remove their zits, fix the hair that is out of place all to look good. In thanks to Instagram, anyone can crop, blur, or add effects and make it look just right.

This is the technology age, and realistically it’s not going anywhere. The multibillion dollar advertisement industry knows this. Making star’s have unrealistic bodies, personal trainers, private chefs, and this fabulous technology to be able to further enhance their looks to even more unrealistic levels.

Bodies come in every shape, size and colour. Remember that. We are all individual; we need to strive to be healthy, daily physical activity, balanced diets, and healthy relationships.

So next time you see that perfect dress or shoe on a some super skinny model, remember that’s what it looks like with a little re-touching.

Respect Yourself. Protect Yourself.